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Arctic Outdoor are specialists in hunting gear and accessories. We stock a large range of camouflage clothing, footwear, accessories and outdoor clothing including our own exclusive brand, JahtiJakt.
Our selection of camouflage clothing, hunting gear, footwear and accessories are suitable for many different purposes, and this is reflected in the variety of customer we sell to. Our clothing is excellent for nature and wildlife photographers, game keepers, Beaters, Pickers Up and shooters. Our selection of winter outdoor clothing has proved very popular for general purpose use and even cross country skiers.
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“Get the Best from Your Time Outdoors”

The story of the JahtiJakt® hunting clothes began during the 80’s in the Northern Finland where bears and wolves roam and endless wilderness is beaten by merciless weather. Two keen Finnish hunters realized that there were no suitable professional suits or outfits available for hard hunting use and the technical membrane suits were extremely expensive. The two friends started to develop hunting suits that could meet exacting standards. A suit that would outlast the fierce conditions of the Northern Finland wilderness and would be affordable to everyone. Out of this desire JahtiJakt® was born.
After long and thorough development, the first membrane hunting suit was created. It was a technically advanced outfit that protected the hunter. The suit that stays dry and warm for long periods of time, not affected by the weather or physical strain. As we still do today, the materials were tested in laboratories and by hunters. This is the reason why JahtiJakt® has became a superior brand for not only outfitting the hunter but also all other needs in hunting. JahtiJakt® is the number one product for the hunter who answers the call of the wilderness.
Today JahtiJakt® products have distributed to its international customers for over 10 years. High-quality clothes, affordable prices and excellent user experiences have made JahtiJakt® the most wanted hunting brand in Finland. JahtiJakt® products have met with similar success in other European countries, too. Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts all over World truly appreciate JahtiJakt® products.

Mission & Vision

“Dominate the Woods”

The purpose of JahtiJakt is to comply with all the features required for a hunting suit. The brand recognition has gradually grown by the excellent user experiences and word of mouth. In its own demonstration the JahtiJakt brand has built its own brand value. This is the most important thing. The JahtiJakt® brand promise is concrete and measurable that has been completely proven by user feedback. The customer’s expectations have been exceeded by the quality of the products. This is the reason for JahtiJakt’s popularity and success. The brand promise reflects the ideas and mission of the business.

Users Contribute

“The best products are based on user experiences”

Development of new JathiJakt’s products is always based on user needs and feedback. Our development and testing team includes a large number of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, who give us instant feedback on the functionality of various products in field conditions. User contribution are the core when designing hunting gear from the begining to the end.

Product development
The research and development work behind every new JahtiJakt outfit is done meticulously with the best available expertise. We use feedback from our wide range of customers on the performance of our products in demanding hunting conditions as we begin to create new solutions. All of the JahtiJakt® products are developed in the Erätukku headquarter in Northern Finland and are tested by active hunters in one of the most versatile and demanding environments and weather conditions in Scandinavia. That’s why our hunting collection is a family of outdoor suits with features that have been refined to perfection for the demanding climate and terrain. Your only decision is to choose the JahtiJakt hunting suit that is right for you!

All of JahtiJakt® products are designed in the Erätukku headquarters in Northern Finland. Erätukku’s designers are continually creating solutions that increase the pleasure of outdoor activities. Once we know what is required, we’ll design the product and find the best possible materials from around the world without compromising on quality.


“Manufactured in our own contract factories”

All products that pass our development and testing stage are manufactured in Erätukku’s own contract factories that focus on advanced technical clothing. Continuous quality control is central at every stage of the manufacturing process. Thanks to our own contract facilities, production is flexible and enables competitive pricing.

Quality control
Before new Jahtijakt products reach the market, they undergo strict functionality tests in specialized test laboratories. We also carry out field tests in actual use environments and real hunting situations: in rain, wind, mud and snow – in tough conditions where users demand durability and functionality from their apparel and equipment.

User Experiences
    •    When we go hunting together, it’s less about the hunting but more about being together
    •    On shoots people come to me and ask “where did you get your suit